There is a lot of hype around 2016 being the worst year ever. What do you think? I thought 2016 was a pretty amazing year. Yes, I had some setbacks, but overall it was a year of growth, accomplishment and special little moments.

On New Year’s Day, it is a tradition in my household to create Vision Boards for the year. This tradition has become somewhat sacred because my husband and I both believe you cannot get to where you want to go without and vision and a plan. I start my visioning exercise by reviewing my board from the previous year. I celebrate what I accomplished and have an accurate picture of where I am at now.

Then I ask myself what do you want in 2017 and my life?

Next, I flip through a bunch of magazines and pull out images and words that grab my attention.

I glue all the words and images on a poster board and reflect on my work. My posted mess may not make sense to anyone else; it does not need to. It needs to make sense to me.

Finally, I share my poster board with my husband and talk about what each image means to me and what I am desiring. He does the same in return. It creates a sense of joy, possibility, and commitment in our household.

Each human has something in their life they would like to change or improve; Tony Robbins calls these areas “gaps.” This year, maybe you want more energy, to find true love, to have a more fulfilling job, a closer relationship with your family or take that vacation. Anything is possible, anything if you visualize it and make a plan for it.

It is so easy to think about things we want AND NOT set up a successful plan of accomplishment. This is where we lose sight of our dreams and hopes. If you have lost sight of something in the past, here is an opportunity to find out why or stop making excuses. I am provided three complementary Vision Sessions (50 minutes) to my readers who book a session here –