“I believe most major illness in developed countries is directly related to lifestyle. Therefore, I can think of no better medicine than that of a change in lifestyle.”

-Dr. Karen Wolfe

Are you ready to wake up energized and focused throughout your day?

Join me in Reclaim My Health a 4-week lifestyle program that reclaims the zest, energy, and radiance you once beamed. Here you will focus on your health from the inside out. You’ll get tools, accountability, and information to shift your current health state. Reclaim my health is not about fad diets or unrealistic exercise programs. It’s about sustainable health shifts and that render lasting results. In just 28 days you’ll have a new enjoyable lifestyle and on the journey to the body, you want.

Reclaim My Health is for anyone who wants

  • To get off the diet and exercise roller coaster
  • Learn a lifestyle that enables and promotes wellness
  • Reduce sugar cravings so you crave healthy food
  • Recalibrate your digestive system to function like a well-oiled machine
  • Learn portion control
  • Boost your immune system
  • Learn how to make easy delicious food
  • Receive personal coaching from Molly
  • Receive ongoing support for your lifestyle changes
  • Release weight
  • Sleep like a baby while your body detoxes

Why Am I Doing This?

Almost a year ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Christopher. Being a new mom, running a business, and performing the activities of life was the perfect formula for me to forget about my wellbeing. Six months ago I was sleeping terrible, feeling drained and when morning rolled around I felt terrible. I was actually quite terrified to face the daily demands of life because I knew my energy was so low.

Skipping meals, drinking too much coffee, eating processed quick meals, not having a balance or a consistent self-care plan had crept up on me. I was drained and knew I needed a change.

For me it was It is more than just a change in diet and exercise, it is a lifestyle change.

I took a long hard look at my life and what I was teaching my son about self-care. I was not proud and knew I could reach out for support.

A close friend of mine Rosie shared with my changes she had made in her life through cleansing out sugar, eating whole foods and engaging in activities of bliss. I enrolled myself in her concepts and reviewed the nursing knowledge I teach patients. Today I have a different approach to health and every day my energy is brightening. Reclaim My Health incorporates my nursing, nutrition, and self-care knowledge into a simple to follow health program.

This is my life’s purpose, supporting people have great relationships and reflect on behaviors that hold them back. Will you join me?

You will get…

  • 5 Day Access to the Sugar Cleanse Group with Dr. Karen Wolfe
  • Educational Modules live with Molly
  • Is Your Lifestyle Killing You? – The 8 Simple Steps for Lasting Weight Loss and Optimal Health EBOOK by Dr. Karen Wolfe
  • A private phone session to get you set up for success
  • Two group calls in the first week and then weekly calls with Dr. Karen Wolfe with specific topics to keep you on your path of lifestyle changes.
  • Weekly group accountability calls with Molly after the 5 Day Sugar Cleanse Group
  • Reclaim My Health Pack (see below)
  • Daily motivation, encouragement through the Facebook group
  • Private Facebook group access so you are supported on the move to keep you motivated.
  • Access to our supportive community of participants to connect with like-minded new friends. Our community also includes over a dozen health coaches to chime in on your questions and provide additional motivation.

(Some content pulled directly from http://drkarenwolfe.org/the-sugar-busters/)

What is at the heart at the heart of these groups:  

Reclaim My Health Pack:

  • A private phone session to get you set up for success
  • Menu plans with options for whole foods, gluten free or dairy free
  • Clean Eating Articles
  • Weekly support from Molly and Dr. Karen Wolfe Two group calls in the first week and then weekly calls with specific topics to keep you on track
  • Educational videos and downloads to access at any time
  • Access to our supportive community of participants to connect with like-minded new friends.
  • 5 Recorded Educational Modules by Molly to expand your skills and lifestyle choices
  • Pharmaceutical grade cellular nutrition from USANA Health Sciences:
      • 15 single-serving pouches of Low Glycemic Nutrimeal™
      • 5 stick packs of USANA® Probiotic
      • 5 AM/5 PM HealthPak™ packets (Vita-Antioxidants, Core Minerals, MagneCal and CellSentials Booster )
      • Daily Tracker
      • Program guide with healthy, whole food snack suggestions

Week 1: Whole Food Meal Planning and Cleansing Our System

Week 2: How Stress Affects Us & Mindfulness Exercises

Week 3: Sleep and Energizing Activities

Week 4: The Third Brain – Gut Health

We meet virtually two times in the first week and then weekly for educational modules.   Each week we will check in with each other on our private Facebook group. You will receive inspirational emails and posts from me. When you choose, you will get one private coaching session with me.

COST – $299 before January 1st, After January 1st $375

Start Date – January 15th

Enroll Now HERE https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WP7DMBW

I am deeply committed to living a radiant life and I want you to have that experience as well, it starts at the cellular level. Just 28 day and you will have the knowledge and power to continue your new lifestyle.

It’s not always an easy path, but it is an incredibly rewarding one…

If this sounds like something you want to, respond to this email, or schedule a time to have a conversation about it here.

Speaking from the heart,