Is Coaching a Scam?

By Molly Hillig Rodriguez

So in 2011 a woman in my life said: “Molly you should try life coaching.” I thought to myself, “What the hell is life coaching? It sounds like a bunch of metaphysical bullshit.” She told me I could create my reality and change my life if I wanted.

Change my life I thought….hmm? I looked at my life at that moment. I was living a pretty kick ass life. I was living in Bolivia, learning Spanish and Portuguese, traveling to jungle villas on the weekends, leading women’s yoga retreats, meeting life goals, and loved my big girl job. Simultaneously, I was also living a darker side that not many knew about.

I was in another dead end relationship founded in little white lies and resentment. I still had college debt that I was unwilling to face. I walked around with a smile plastered on my face but felt really uncomfortable in my skin. I obsessed about my weight – I was up 10 pounds and down 10 pounds every other month. It was exhausting living two separate lives. Does this feel familiar?

So I thought more about coaching – I had never done therapy or personal development work before. What could coaching provide me? More goals, a better relationship, a new perspective? I decided to go for it!!!

I enrolled in Bolivia’s very first Coaching training ever in 2011. My first week in training I was nervous but then quickly became annoyed when we started discussing our parents and one girl began to cry. I thought to myself, “Oh gosh is this a pity party circle where people are going to cry?” The coaching master leading sensed my discomfort with emotions and compassion. He pulled me aside and encouraged me to recognize my feelings, let me guard down and step into something different. He was wildly successful, warm, and powerful, he had something I wanted in life. I knew I needed to listen. Six months of the training passed, and I had been forced to look at my life, my beliefs, my behaviors and my purpose in the world.

I had begun my process of personal transformation. I was a better person because of it. I dumped the guy I was with, my quality of work improved, the obsession with my weight diminished, and I started enjoying my body. However, most notably my relationships with friends were improving because I was more honest and compassionate. I was no longer the super friendly agreeable girl but a woman of substance who lived with purpose. I had discovered my personal values and ready to serve the world in a bigger way. I cried when I felt sad and laughed harder at mistakes I made….life was richer.

So is coaching a scam? I do believe there are coaching scams out there. Where a person or a business promises life transformation in relationships, health, finances, business and everything else under the sun at the whopping cost of $25,000/year. These promises feel scammy to me; however, I believe wholeheartedly there are wonderful coaches out there. When you, the client and the coach engage and trust in the process over time, your life will improve.

How do you pick a life coach?
Ask yourself – is there something you would like to change in your life in 2017?
Are you at a place in your life that you are willing to dedicate time and energy toward the thing that you want?
What are you willing to pay to make this change in your life?
Do you know a coach? Would you be willing to ask them about their services?
The right coach for you will build a trusting and honest relationship with you. Around them you want to feel comfortable, challenged, cared for and held accountable.

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