What do you notice about yourself during the Holiday season?

Do you ever feel alone?

This time of year our feelings are amplified and on high alert. It can be easy to notice what we do not have in place of what we do have. Is there an absence in your life?

When it comes to the world of love, a sense of aloneness can be chilling. The media, social media, and Christmas cards represent that humans are collectively more joyful and loved this time of year. For you is this true or is this a false representation of what folks are really feeling? There is also a reality for many of us that we have not found our special someone or our relationship is not functioning at its best. 

If you are feeling a sense of aloneness (in a relationship or singlehood) here are some tips to enrich your holiday experience.

  1. Try a new activity that involves new people. It is easy to come home from work and sit on the couch or our smartphones. Think of one activity you would like to try and sign yourself up. Maybe it is a Swing dance class, a crafting class or Christmas caroling! Whatever your heart desires to try let it be something new. It will provide the opportunity for you to meet new people and learn something, this is a powerful combination of joy. Yes, it can be uncomfortable doing something different, but the human soul desires novelty.
  2. Write a letter of forgiveness. You do not need to send it BUT writing about forgiveness creates a space of love in your soul. Every human is imperfect including yourself so forgive. Harboring feelings of resentment will bring you suffering and aloneness. Expressing your feelings and forgiving will bring you freedom.
  3. Perform a random act of kindness. Hearts will glow around you when you perform a random act of kindness. Buy a random stranger coffee in line, say Hello to a homeless person or give a cashier a complement. People are hungry for kindness in the world and the more you give it the more you will receive it!
  4. Know that you are never truly alone.  Each one of us is loved for the simple fact that we are human. You were put on this earth because you have a gift that no other person in the world has. Discover your gift and share it with the world this Holiday season! Your life will change when you share your gift.

Try these four exercises in the world and see what happens in your life. Let me know how it goes in an email at molly@mollyhillig.com. If you know of someone feeling alone forward this article to them it may change their season.

Speaking from the heart,

Molly Hillig Rodriguez