Have you experienced a headache, grogginess, mood swings or blue feelings lately? Keep reading, together we might be able to find the culprit.

Almost everyone, including myself, will indulge in some savory treats this holiday season. From the stuffing and mashed potatoes to the gingerbread cookies and pumpkin pie, I’ll certainly try and stay mindful of my eating around these yummy treats. What is one thing all of these tasteful delights have in common, you may ask? That’s right- SUGAR!  This sweet cubic substance is found in many foods we eat. Don’t let it fool you, it comes in many spaces and sizes.

Why then do many health experts like Rosemary Morris say that sugar can be detrimental to our health?  Well, complex carbohydrates are ones that exist in natural nutritious foods like the fruits and vegetables we should be consuming daily. Today though, canned and packaged foods are enriched with more refined, processed sugars and are highly calorie dense.  As we’ve all heard before, excess sugar can lead to weight gain and things like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.  However, I was shocked to hear Rosemary reveal that when patients underwent MRI’s after a high fix of sugar, the results were comparable to that of cocaine use.  So for some of us, sugar is a downright addiction!

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It has been the culmination of my life up until now that brings me to this place. I am honored and excited that you are allowing me to share your wellness journey. Before we begin, let me tell you about myself.

Most recently, I coordinated wellness programs for a large healthcare system of nearly 4,000 employees. In that position, I had an opportunity to learn the benefits of pursuing habits for the achievement of high-level wellness. It goes much beyond diet and exercise … we will never achieve happiness by simply attaining a certain number on the scale. In fact, we have a much better shot at meeting goals for our physical body if we start doing the work on other levels, such as challenging negative thought patterns.

My educational and early professional roots lie in mental and emotional health. Prior to my years in corporate wellness, I worked in the field of mental health. As a counselor of adult and adolescent mental health units, a social worker in a social service daycare center, and a counselor and manager in a transitional shelter for women and children, I worked with people whose lives were often in crisis and disarray. I often experienced their day-to-day routines and, in the process, found that self-care on many levels was sorely lacking.

As I continued to develop my personal wellness, I realized that so many of the issues that people faced would not be sufficiently addressed in a single dimensional way. Professionally, I looked for a way to incorporate and blend all the dimensions of wellness, while honoring the unique strength and resilience of each individual. I began that process as a behavioral health programmer for a large, medically-based fitness center.  My responsibilities included weight-loss program facilitation for adults and adolescents and their families, Pilates instruction and lecturing on various health and wellness topics.

In July 2009, Dr. Karen Wolfe trained me as a Certified Conscious Body Coach, after which things quickly fell into place for me. This style of coaching helped me to understand my own struggles and revealed ways to release them in order to live in a manner that is more consistent with my true nature.

I have high standards in wellness programming, a truthful and compassionate approach to my clients, and techniques that inspire others to meet their wellness goals. These traits are brought together with my 25 years of experiences, both professionally and personally.

I will walk beside you as you travel your wellness journey.