Have you ever been stuck in the “hangout zone”? When you are not quite sure where the interactions and time are going while dating? If so you got yourself stuck in the hangout zone!

Our meaningful dating and relationship topic this week is about getting out of the “hangout zone” and into dating like a grown up so you create real love.

In my past, I placed myself in the hangout zone because I didn’t value myself because I didn’t request dates! I accepted hangout sessions with men and place myself in a place of limbo. It felt yucky.
What is the difference between dating like an adult to create real love and dating like a teenager in the hangout zone? Dating with intention creates love dating like a teenager creates drama. Learn more in the video below on how to move from the hangout zone and into real dating.


So how are you going to ask for or accept your next date? Remeber the more you value yourself the more others will value you.

Skip the hangout zone and go for real dating.

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Your friend,

Molly Hillig Rodriguez