Social Fun

Learn to dance with Molly. Dance will increase blood flow to the brain, strengthens your core, and creates social connections. Molly leads the Latin Social Club and delivers Afro-Latin Dance workshops in the Chicagoland area. 

Empowerment Activities 


Dance - Latin Social Club 

Make It happen 

Empower Yourself by Molly Hillig has a team of experts who can host an exceptional retreat for your group or office staff. Our professional staff offers an array of memorable and meaningful activities to align your team and have fun.  

What is your Potential?

Receive personalized coaching from Molly: gain self-confidence, improve physical health, get more out of your relationships, make the best choices for your career. 

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Human Potential Coach

Empowering Leader 

Professional Dancer 

Empower Yourself by Molly Hillig offers clients, insightful, empowering, and rejuvenating activities of self-improvement.
I want you to excel in your personal life, as a professional and in your relationships. Through one-on-one coaching and empowerment activities I support you to be your best self. Each coaching session and empowerment activity is tailor-made to facilitate you in goal accomplishment and meet your highest potential. Empower Yourself, You Deserve It!      

Empower Yourself by ​Molly Hillig