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Want to rekindle passion, feel closer to your partner or stop walking on eggshells?  Meaningful relationships are created by design & they start with you. Learn how to have a great relationship!

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  Have you struggled with dating? Do you go on a few dates and then it seems to fizzle out or your date disappears? Learn how to become a great dater!

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At Empower Yourself by Molly we host a webinars, couples groups, dating groups and speaking engagements.
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Improve your relationships with yourself and others


Want to rekindle passion, feel closer to your partner or stop walking on eggshells?  Meaningful relationships are created by design & they start with you. People often rush into relationships with the dating blinders on. After the infatuation phase ends they realize they do not know their partner, the passion is gone, or may walk on eggshells.  The great news is that any relationship can be great with a little work. We teach people the tools to better themselves and have great relationships. Give it a try.  Do I need a relationship coach? Take this survey:
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Have you struggled with dating? Do you go on a few dates and then it seems to fizzle out or your date disappears? Dating is about learning what you want, who you are compatible with, what makes you happy and what makes you uncomfortable. If you want (more) practice in making dating meaningful and fun, attracting people of value and living your values while dating, you should do it. Do I need a dating coach?                              Take this survey:
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Events & Speaking

At Empower Yourself by Molly we host a webinars, couples groups, dating groups and speaking engagements. Molly is a keynote speaker, she makes her events fun and thoughtful. Let her transform the challenge topic of love into something fun and full of growth. Look at events here or request to book her for an event here:
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Our Mission:

We teach people the tools to have a great relationship with themselves and others.

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Full of helpful insights, research and advice on relationships and related topics

Why Is Everyone Still Single?

by Molly Hillig Rodrguez Interview with Brian Howie I wanted to throw a shout out to all my singles in the field. I get it, dating can be tough and I wanted to investigate a question I asked myself  in my dating era….why am I still single? I knew just the person to call – Brian Howie, Relationship Enthusiast and founder of the Great Love Debate – a unique, interactive Town Hall-style event where each city’s most dynamic voices, specialists, and personalities join an excited, engaged audience to dish, discuss, dissect and debate the current state of the date ( After booking 200 global city tours, Brian has listened and related to the masses attracted to his epic event. This is what I found out talking with Brian! “Technology can be a tool to find love, but too many times it’s a barrier to it.” Yes, online dating may present some barriers but it does not change the fact humans are social beings who desire love. We need to sit face-to-face with another human being to actually feel if there is a spark. It is easy to hide behind online profiles, judgments, and fears. However, online dating is just an additional tool to meet more people, when you choose to schedule a date. Brian shared “Guys you gotta take the risk and ask the gal out.” Yes, it true, men are more likely to reach out to a woman without a response. It is just a small barrier, not a statistic to pout about so send 10 messages and expect to get a response from two or three. Ladies,... read more

Have You Been Cheated On?

What is next? You feel the sting of the ultimate betrayal and heartbreak. You have been cheated on, now you are watching your world crumble before your eyes. Infidelity at any stage of the relationship is painful. How will you ever trust again? If you have been cheated on or are thinking of cheating this article is for you.

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Get a Great Date – Free Webinar

      Ever get frustrated with dating? Are you ready to start having fun on your dates and attracting the right person? The best daters in the world know how and have fun. Do you want to learn smart dating skills? Are you spending time and money on dating but not seeing results? Then don’t miss this webinar. Get a Great Date is a free webinar hosted by Relationship Expert- Molly Hillig Rodriguez. She has helped over 150 clients get the relationships they want. Molly will be sharing her insights about online profiles, ghosting, and how to have fun on dates! Click here to learn... read more

Relationship Coaching

What it is and how it can help you

When my last relationship ended, I felt traumatized and thought to myself, “Crap, will anyone ever want to be with me again?” I realized I did not have good relationships in my past and I wanted something different for myself in the future. I had accomplished so much in my life professionally and socially, and I had a high sense of personal achievement. However, after a string of bad relationships and bad dates, I felt terrified of the “unknown” and questioned my persona in its entirety. I knew it was time to start my journey to my best self. I hired my own coach and began making big shifts in my life. This is what I learned: Having a radiant relationship or dating career is cultivated, not given. People who have great relationships work hard at them. Over 60% of couples in the U.S. do not have good relationships; they are divorced. I have been able to determine the three attributes to a successful relationship. They are:


  1. Taking responsibility
  2. Engagement
  3. Personal investment

I will teach you the tools, skills, and insights to achieve your ideal relationship and life, just like I learned. When you understand and implement these tools, skills, and insights, you will constantly nourish your relationship and dating because you will feel constantly nourished. Being your most radiant, confident, powerful and fun self it is darn sexy! When you invest in a coaching program you will begin your journey to a more fulfilling, fun and loving life. What are you waiting for?

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Molly’s presentation on relationships to our peer advisory group was exceptional. She is passionate about the topic and engages everyone from the moment she starts. By getting us out of our seats and into the experience of deeper relationships, we all had immediate learnings and high take-away value. I highly recommend bringing Molly into your group or organization.


Scott, Vistage 2016

What I  learned from working with Molly:

1. Noticing my emotions more often, and remaining more detached from them than before.

2. Speaking my mind more freely – being more focused on sharing what’s coming up for me without worrying as much about how others will receive it.

3. Practicing self-acceptance more.

I’ve been my authentic self with the group and found connection and friendships. It’s reassuring to me that I can be myself and others can connect with me in my most natural, unfiltered state. Also, I’m more okay with making mistakes! I’m practicing forgiveness and accepting that mistakes are part of the growth process.

Mastermind Participant 2015

Having Molly as my coach was very rewarding and fulfilling. I felt as though no matter where I was in my stages of growth, she helped me through some blocks and called me out on issues when I needed a push or a different perspective. Thank You Molly!

Relationship Coaching Client 2015

“Molly’s energy is contaigous! She is a passioanate young woman who’s committed to her students and sharing her love of dance. Molly is adept at mixing technique with a high-energy workout that results in a dynamic trip through the African diaspora of the Americas. Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia… I’ve taken several Afro-Latin dance classes with Molly and I appreciate being able to learn new styles of dance while connecting to diverse cultural traditions. Oh yeah, and getting a great workout in. I’d recommend her classes to anyone that’s looking for the same.”

– Erica, Chicago, USA